Sand Wash Basin Mustangs Reap Winter Welcome!

Dusk was quickly fading to darkness as a bone-weary group of wranglers secured the corral gates. A load of hay would be the chore that draws closure to a tedious yet rewarding day. Emotions of great satisfaction swelled as ten adopted Mustangs from the Sand Wash Basin HMA began exploring their new habitat. Among the group were three fillies unloaded minutes earlier in their own corral near the loafing sheds. Meanwhile, a black mustang named Coal, famously admired in the wild as a protective noble stallion, claimed his instinctive leadership roll over this newly aquainted band of strangers. As we were observing, a winter chill inundated the ranch and it was certain the newly arrived mustangs would be welcomed with a crisp blanket of snow.

In retrospect, the day began with abundant anticipation as an exceptionally large group of eager citizens gathered at Pathfinger Park near Florence, CO for a Mustang adoption event. The Wild Horses were gathered from the famous Sand Wash Basin HMA including many beloved mustangs and a significant number of yearlings. The bidding was intense but stress eventually gave way to relief after paper work was completed and the mustangs were loaded for their journey home. It was obvious that nightfall would be greeting our arrival at the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge.

Much to our surprise, the following morning delivered far more than just snow. The mustangs demonstrated an elevated willingness for human interaction. They were all very accepting of us walking among them as we quickly were able to hand feed hay. Specifically friendly was a young grey gelding that Coal was curiously being protective of during the adoption event. We look forward to sharing more as we discover the personalities and behaviors of these amazing Sand Wash Basin Mustangs.