Family Ties Surprise – Finale Ensemble Magnifico

A prior post titled “Reprise Of Family Ties” conjectured the forthcoming reunion of two mother-daughter pairs with existing family residents. Hence the observation of family recognition and herd dynamics was once again anticipated. Previously we reported the unforeseen outcome of reuniting Coal and half-brother Flint.  Later was the reuniting of Jewka, the “New Colt In … Read more

Field Of Iris Dreams

Wild Iris, Blue Flag, blooms in the South Park area of Colorado in late spring to summer. Wild Iris flowers have been admired by many cultures for centuries. The beauty and grace of Wild Iris flowers have inspired many artists and writers throughout history playing a significant role in mythology, legends and folklore. Dreaming of … Read more

Reprise Of Family Ties

There is a tendency among many avid Mustang followers to emphasize the reunion of herd family members subsequent to a BLM roundup that resulted in a separation. Often the reunions are emotionally significant. Humanistically it just feels like the right thing to do. We experienced this firsthand by reuniting Jewka with his mother Rain (aka … Read more

Watchful Wildies Walkabout

Wild Wild Horses couldn’t drag me away. Wild Horses are more commonly referred to as Mustangs, from the Spanish word mustango, which means “ownerless beast” or “stray horse”. Our continental neighbors to the north often refer to them as Wildies “Eh”. While our mates from down under call them Brumbies. Regardless of your preferred terminology, … Read more

Ghost Encounters Of The Third Equine

A mysterious circumstance arose one morning to discover a Ghost amidst the Sand Wash Basin herd. Specifically, the bald face dapple-gray Wyoming Mustang we named Ghost found his way either under or over the field’s cross fence. This unplanned encounter presented a unique opportunity for observation and discovery. In addition, our interaction provided insight that … Read more

There’s A New Colt In Town

There’s talk on the Mustang ranch and it sounds so familiar. With great expectations, everybody’s watching Jewka, the new colt in town. Will your mother Rain (aka Cream Puff) never forget you? Will she still love you? They say it’s those restless hearts that never mend. It doesn’t really matter which side of the corral … Read more

Burros, Boards and Bales

Old Man Winter is treading heavy on the turf while winter coats thicken. Surprisingly, colder temperatures actually only play a minor role in this process. The lesser-known fact is that winter coat growth is triggered primarily by the change in photoperiod or the day length. The reduction of light causes increased production of the hormone … Read more

O’ Brother, Thou Art Hither?

Equine siblings have been known to display significant signs of familiarity when reunited. Others feel the responses are completely unpredictable. Equine interaction whether familiar or not becomes more dependent on individual personality and circumstances than on kinship. Such is the case, through observation, for Rocky Mountain Mustangs herd leader Coal and recently reunited half-brother Flint. … Read more

Sand Wash Basin Mustangs Reap Winter Welcome!

Dusk was quickly fading to darkness as a bone-weary group of wranglers secured the corral gates. A load of hay would be the chore that draws closure to a tedious yet rewarding day. Emotions of great satisfaction swelled as ten adopted Mustangs from the Sand Wash Basin HMA began exploring their new habitat. Among the … Read more

La Nina Doubles Down Precipitating 230 Acre Progress!

Colorado weather holds a popular anecdote stating “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour“. The fact is, Colorado weather is actually quite irregular due to several meteorological facts. Mainly, the Polar Jet Stream and the Pacific Jet Stream coalesce over the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains. Also, the ENSO cycles of El … Read more

Expanded Grazing Corral Completed!

As Mustangs bolted into the expanded grazing corral, exuberance flared for all who witnessed. After several months of hard work and anticipation, it was immediately satisfying to observe the herd claim their new expanded habitat. We are looking forward to sharing behavioral aspects as we discover how they adapt to the larger pasture where their … Read more

Mustangs Arrive at Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge!

Ten handsome Mustangs were welcomed today as the first offical residents of the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge. Cheers of jubilation were abundant as the majestic equine paraded off the trailer through the corral gates and into the lush grazing pasture. The experience was momentous and bolstered emotions of great satisfaction and reward. At the end … Read more

Stormy Circumstances Lead Us Closer to Home!

A beloved blue roan stallion, Stormy, indisputably inspires this delightful set of intertwined tales. The allegory begins with a trite but gravatas cliche’. For it was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, for there were additionally dark and stormy afternoons. Sincerely, the rain in May as it … Read more

Diverse Equine Aggrandize Former Rustic Ranch!

The formerly desolate and neglected Red Hill Ranch is bolstering with equine activity. The transformed rustic site is now host to a diverse gathering of horses, burros, highland cattle and even a mule. Among this unorthodox assembly of companions are those trained, untrained, feral, domesticated, young, old, wild, tame and some with just extraordinary personality. … Read more

Construction Begins for Mustang Corrals!

On a cool spring morning after verifying end post locations and line posts measurements, it was finally time to break ground constructing corrals for the Mustangs. Wrestling a power auger in Rocky Mountain soils was no easy challenge as these fence post holes require significant depth. With the assistance of a diesel Bobcat equipped with … Read more