There’s A New Colt In Town

There’s talk on the Mustang ranch and it sounds so familiar. With great expectations, everybody’s watching Jewka, the new colt in town. Will your mother Rain (aka Cream Puff) never forget you? Will she still love you? They say it’s those restless hearts that never mend. It doesn’t really matter which side of the corral you’re waiting on because everybody’s talkin’ bout Jewka, the new Colt in town.

That was the sentiment during the quarantine period for Jewka come lately, the new Colt in town. So once again Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge anticipated the behavioral aspects of reuniting equine family members. Everybody loves Jewka. He had become very accepting of human touch, actively seeking affection, interaction and cookies.

There was a fresh January snowfall on the ground but staff members and friends were eager to release Jewka to the Sand Wash Basin herd. The initial behavior was inundated with frolicking like an elementary school yard playground. Jewka, with his tail flagged and waving with excitement, was getting nosed by everyone as he led a circus of curiosity among the herd.

Then the anticipated event occurred as predicted. The family recognition was unquestionably observed. Rain (aka Cream Puff) pealed herself from the herd along with Quincy, Jewka’s newest best equine friend into the adjoining corral. The frolick continued for a while then Coal and Rain chattered a round of winnying to each other. For a short time Rain and Jewka shared some hay together, a mother and child reunion of sorts.

By day’s end, all was settled and the integration of “Jewka come lately, the new colt in town” concluded successfully without a hitch. Special thanks for the inspiration of this storyline from the legendary Eagles songwriters, Don Henley and Glen Frey.