Diverse Equine Aggrandize Former Rustic Ranch!

The formerly desolate and neglected Red Hill Ranch is bolstering with equine activity. The transformed rustic site is now host to a diverse gathering of horses, burros, highland cattle and even a mule. Among this unorthodox assembly of companions are those trained, untrained, feral, domesticated, young, old, wild, tame and some with just extraordinary personality.

The rationale is multifold. Firstly, Rocky Moutain Mustang Refuge is proud to be sharing a portion of Heritage Ranch of the Rockies with the Red Valley Rebels Outfitters. Their expertise, oversite and caretaking has greatly enhanced the progress of our overall vision.

In addition, we share a common goal to extend the traditional knowledge base regarding equine behaviors and environmental adaption. Wild Horses and Burros are by nature still biologically equine. By this nature they demonstrate individualized willingness to establish interaction with each other and with humans. The diversity exhibited through this unorthodox assembly of companions will inevitably become a catalyst for discovery.

Finally, and most importantly, a shared passion exists for documenting and sharing these discoveries. Observation and interaction will be utilized as a key stratagy. We all agree and expect the journey to be rich with unique and amazing experiences to reveal.