Construction Begins for Mustang Corrals!

On a cool spring morning after verifying end post locations and line posts measurements, it was finally time to break ground constructing corrals for the Mustangs. Wrestling a power auger in Rocky Mountain soils was no easy challenge as these fence post holes require significant depth. With the assistance of a diesel Bobcat equipped with a full-size hydraulic implement, the first acre perimeter was completed in no time.

The fence layout consists of three progressively scaled corrals. The first being a single acre followed by an adjacent three-acre holding corral and an additional 35 acre expanded grazing area. All of these perimeter fences will be secured with 6 feet high equine safe no-climb wire mesh. Mustangs can be redirected through the various sized corrals as needed for care and management.

Once this phase is complete, the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge will be welcoming Mustangs eager to have their sense of freedom restored. Emotions of excitement are escalating in anticipation of that inaugural event. We appreciate the hard work and dedication exhibited by all who have participated.