Field Of Iris Dreams

Wild Iris, Blue Flag, blooms in the South Park area of Colorado in late spring to summer. Wild Iris flowers have been admired by many cultures for centuries. The beauty and grace of Wild Iris flowers have inspired many artists and writers throughout history playing a significant role in mythology, legends and folklore. Dreaming of … Read more

Burros, Boards and Bales

Old Man Winter is treading heavy on the turf while winter coats thicken. Surprisingly, colder temperatures actually only play a minor role in this process. The lesser-known fact is that winter coat growth is triggered primarily by the change in photoperiod or the day length. The reduction of light causes increased production of the hormone … Read more

La Nina Doubles Down Precipitating 230 Acre Progress!

Colorado weather holds a popular anecdote stating “If you don’t like the weather, wait an hour“. The fact is, Colorado weather is actually quite irregular due to several meteorological facts. Mainly, the Polar Jet Stream and the Pacific Jet Stream coalesce over the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains. Also, the ENSO cycles of El … Read more

Expanded Grazing Corral Completed!

As Mustangs bolted into the expanded grazing corral, exuberance flared for all who witnessed. After several months of hard work and anticipation, it was immediately satisfying to observe the herd claim their new expanded habitat. We are looking forward to sharing behavioral aspects as we discover how they adapt to the larger pasture where their … Read more

Stormy Circumstances Lead Us Closer to Home!

A beloved blue roan stallion, Stormy, indisputably inspires this delightful set of intertwined tales. The allegory begins with a trite but gravatas cliche’. For it was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, for there were additionally dark and stormy afternoons. Sincerely, the rain in May as it … Read more

Construction Begins for Mustang Corrals!

On a cool spring morning after verifying end post locations and line posts measurements, it was finally time to break ground constructing corrals for the Mustangs. Wrestling a power auger in Rocky Mountain soils was no easy challenge as these fence post holes require significant depth. With the assistance of a diesel Bobcat equipped with … Read more

Repaired Landmark Slated for Ranch Debut!

Harbored in a quiet valley on US HWY 285 between Red Hill Pass and Trout Creek sits an authentic rustic ranch. The cluster of homestead structures have recently become a destinctive landmark. The roofs have been repaired with blazing red metal making the former Red Hill Ranch remarkably identifiable and unmistakable. The improved ranch is … Read more

2000+ Acre Ranch Becomes Future Home!

On January 19, 2017 the initial 1047 acre parcel of the Heritage Ranch of the Rockies was purchased. The property comprises the western half of the ranch and is located north of Highway 285 at the Red Hill Pass. Late in the following year the remaining 980 acres of the ranch was secured. The ranch … Read more

IRS 501(c)(3) Charity Status Granted!

The Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge is pleased to announce it has received its 501(c)(3) determination letter from the IRS. Having recently established a Colorado registered nonprofit organization we are now positioned to receive tax deductible contributions to support our mission. We will be updating our web site soon to include secure technology for accepting one … Read more

1047 Acre Ranch Begins Vision for Wild Horses!

At 10,000 feet altitude in the Colorado Rocky Mountains bordering Pike National Forest and the Continental Divide, is a sub-alpine parcel of land named “Escondido Cielo”. The parcel spans 1047 acres and is the western portion of Heritage Ranch of the Rockies. The name literally translates to “Hidden Heaven”. Being accessible to Highway 285 and … Read more