Stormy Circumstances Lead Us Closer to Home!

A beloved blue roan stallion, Stormy, indisputably inspires this delightful set of intertwined tales. The allegory begins with a trite but gravatas cliche’. For it was a dark and stormy night. The rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, for there were additionally dark and stormy afternoons. Sincerely, the rain in May as it may, has given way to amazingly green grazing meadows. The likes seldom seen this side of summer. As for Stormy, a truly “Noble Steed”, previously feral and seldom seen now enriches the hearts and minds of all who encounter. For Stormy has become an unexpected mascot and a fitting tribute to reintroduce the “Future Home of the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge”.

At first encounter Stormy represented a stereotypical “Wild Horse” skittish of human interaction. Would this feral free roaming stallion feel rescued from his plight of abandonment? Would he instinctively flee from human relationship embracing his profound spirit of freedom? Might he be longing for affection and human interaction and in need of recovery from post abandonment trauma? You see, Stormy himself was experiencing rather stormy circumstances. Further complicating the circumstances was knowledge of siring a colt and the bonds associated with a domesticated mare named Tilly. Unbeknownst to us, this unconventional equine family would lead our vision to seek deeper discovery and disclosure of equine behaviors and their adaptations. Anticipate future anecdotes and details without a doubt.

Furthermore, this trifecta of intertwined tales includes the greener pastures, the high hopes and the unexpected insights. We celebrate this beloved blue roan so fittingly named Stormy, and the blue skies ahead as depicted on the sign. Construction wise, we are completing the initial corrals while making final preparations for an inaugural mustang adoption event. With stormy circumstances behind us we feel much closer to achieving our vision. Along the way, it’s been a pleasure establishing friendships and building relationships among the community. We appreciate, as exhibited along with Stormy and his family, a reassured sense of being closer to home. A new home for Stormy, Tilly and the dapper colt Tank as well as a new home for the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge.