Mustangs Arrive at Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge!

Ten handsome Mustangs were welcomed today as the first offical residents of the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge. Cheers of jubilation were abundant as the majestic equine paraded off the trailer through the corral gates and into the lush grazing pasture. The experience was momentous and bolstered emotions of great satisfaction and reward. At the end of the day it was difficult to tell who was more happy with the outcome, the Mustangs safe in their new home or all the individuals whose efforts faithfully enabled it.

The day began early with a public auction at Pathfinder Park located near Florence, Colorado by the Bureau of Land Management. Mustangs from Wyoming’s Herd Management Areas that qualified for sales authority and adoption were being presented through the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Although inherently stressful, nothing could encumber our enthusiasm and eagerness to rescue the Mustangs we were approved for.

We greatly appreciate and give thanks to all who participated in this process. It was a remarkable confirmation of combined skill and expertise. The ten incredible equine are safe and sound enjoying their newfound freedom. We look forward to interacting, discovering and sharing more about these amazing Mustangs.