Expanded Grazing Corral Completed!

As Mustangs bolted into the expanded grazing corral, exuberance flared for all who witnessed. After several months of hard work and anticipation, it was immediately satisfying to observe the herd claim their new expanded habitat. We are looking forward to sharing behavioral aspects as we discover how they adapt to the larger pasture where their sense of freedom has been greatly enhanced.

The new grazing corral was designed to complement the existing 3 acre and 1 acre corrals enabling improved management and staging capabilities. Mustangs can be safely redirected to the smaller corrals for prescribed care, interaction and observation. The expanded grazing corral includes two natural water springs that were originally constructed by the Wadley family in the late 1800s. Historical photographs collaborated with remnants found on the site confirm the heritage of the former Red Hill Ranch homestead. Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge is, in a sense, re-establishing and rebuilding the original land use that once thrived here.

The next stage of our fencing project is to construct a 230 acre habitat with a more diverse range of landscape and terrain. The fence design for the future area will be more wildlife friendly while maintaining both high visability and appropriate safety.