1047 Acre Ranch Begins Vision for Wild Horses!

At 10,000 feet altitude in the Colorado Rocky Mountains bordering Pike National Forest and the Continental Divide, is a sub-alpine parcel of land named “Escondido Cielo”. The parcel spans 1047 acres and is the western portion of Heritage Ranch of the Rockies. The name literally translates to “Hidden Heaven”. Being accessible to Highway 285 and secluded behind Red Hill Pass it truly lives up to the name. The terrain is richly appointed with Quaking Aspen, Bristlecone Pine, Engelmann Spruce and abundant forage of grassy meadows.

The ranch was purchased January 13, 2017. Soon after, the vision began for development of a recreational destination where Wild Horses are free to roam. In pursuit of that vision the Rocky Mountain Mustang Refuge, a Colorado registered nonprofit organization, was conceived.

The mission of RMMR will include providing a healthy sustainable habitat that protects and preserves these majestic free spirited creatures. Also planned are programs to raise awareness through education and tourism.