Field Of Iris Dreams

Wild Iris, Blue Flag, blooms in the South Park area of Colorado in late spring to summer. Wild Iris flowers have been admired by many cultures for centuries. The beauty and grace of Wild Iris flowers have inspired many artists and writers throughout history playing a significant role in mythology, legends and folklore. Dreaming of Wild Iris flowers may indicate new beginnings, growth, or transformation.

Irises can cover whole fields and areas with higher soil moisture transforming them into a sea of blue. Furthermore, it becomes absolutely euphoric when a friendly herd of Wild Horses perform a personal parade while relaxing in that green pasture ornamented with these delicate pedals.

However, this is where the dream ends and the reality of the nightmare begins. Wild Iris is in fact toxic to most animals and must be mitigated from pastures before going to seed. Fortunately, the Mustangs are wise enough and naturally avoid them. Cutting and clearing are most effective immediately after the bloom has consumed a significant portion of the plant’s energy.

From a pasture management perspective, we are relieved to have this seasonal chore completed.